Lori MacNeil

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Lori MacNeil

Office: Mackenzie Chown
905 688 5550 x5924

I am passionate about teaching and science education, and my position in the Department of Biological Sciences focuses on delivering high quality courses in a range of areas, including introductory biology, biostatistics, genetics, and molecular biology. I also supervise library thesis students in the Biomedical Sciences program.

My expertise is in genetics and molecular biology, with a particular focus in the areas of epigenetics, gene expression, and noncoding RNA.  I am especially interested in unique epigenetic phenomena such as paramutation and genomic imprinting, as well as the genetic basis of human diseases and cancer. Past projects have investigated the ability of an epigenetic control sequence from maize to function as a silencer in transgenic Drosophila, and the role of antisense transcription in regulating the expression of the human growth factor FGF2.  Current research interests include cell signaling and epigenetic control of cell differentiation.

I am always developing new content for the courses I teach, and current teaching interests include scientific misinformation, the RNA world, forensic genetics, and genetic privacy.

BSc (Hons), Biology, 2003. Acadia University, Wolfville, NS.

PhD, Genetics, 2010. Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS.

(also as L. A. McEachern)

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