Brock Tower Illumination Schedule

This schedule is updating on an ongoing basis. If you would like to make a colour request for your event, please fill out the Brock Tower Illumination request form.

September 15, 2019GreenWorld Lymphoma Awareness Day
September 21, 2019BlueInternational Alzheimer Awareness Day
September 28, 2019Red, white and blueBritish Home Child Day (Ontario)
September 30, 2019OrangeOrange Shirt Day - Remembering Residential Schools
October, 2019PinkBreast cancer awareness
October 10, 2019GreenWorld Mental Health Day
October 15, 2019Pink and blueInternational Wave of Light - Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day
October 31, 2019OrangeHalloween
November 1, 2019PurpleNational Domestic Violence Awareness Month
November 11, 2019RedRemembrance Day
November 17, 2019PurpleWorld Prematurity Day
December, 2019Red and green showHolidays
December 1, 2019RedWorld Aids Day
December 6, 2019WhiteNational Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women
February 27, 2020PinkPink Shirt Day - Anti-bullying
March, 2020RainbowBrock Pride week
April 2, 2020BlueWorld Autism Day
April 22, 2020GreenEarth Day
April 28, 2020YellowNational Day of Mourning - Remembering those injured or killed on the job
May 21, 2020PurpleVictoria Day
May 22, 2020OrangeRankin Run Day - Promotion for the Rankin Cancer Run
June 5, 2020GreenWorld Environment Day
July 1, 2020Red and white showCanada Day