Brock Tower Illumination Request

Since its construction in 1968, Brock University’s Schmon Tower has been a fixture on the Niagara landscape. With the help of a bright and efficient LED lighting system, the 13-storey landmark is as eye-catching at night as it is during the day.

Schmon Tower is illuminated with 48 powerful Philips Color Kinetics LED lights which offer a full rainbow of colour options.

The lights shine brightly each night, flooding Schmon Tower in Brock red by default. However, for special occasions throughout the year, the lights will glow in different colours.

Members of the community can now request the tower be illuminated in a particular colour for holidays and non-commercial special events. For example, the tower will be illuminated in purple every Victoria Day in honour of the Queen.

Please fill out your details below to make a colour request.

The Brock University Tower Lights request process is currently on hold due to Brock’s COVID-19 pandemic response.