Request a Snapchat takeover

Interested in doing a @brockuni Snapchat takeover to showcase your event? Great! Complete and sign this form to get access to the account.

How it works

  • Your personalized password will be given to you once the form is approved. Access will be given one hour before your scheduled takeover. This password is confidential and only intended for the contract signee. Sharing of this password is prohibited.
  • Brock University Marketing and Communications will monitor all posts and will remove ones that are deemed inappropriate.
  • Refrain from initiating any direct snaps to students while using Brock University’s Snapchat account.
  • The destination of each Snap is for “My Story” only.
  • Do not open any Snaps.
  • Do not add any friends to the account.

The fine print

  • Takeovers should focus on student recruitment and engagement, academic events and other student initiatives.
  • Brock University’s social media accounts are apolitical and must avoid themes of a political or ideological nature.
  • Any posts involving inappropriate behaviour, events and activities that go against the Student Code of Conduct ( are prohibited. In the event of this occurring, the student will forfeit access to the Snapchat account effective immediately.
  • Breach of account confidentiality and/or abuse of the Brock University account will terminate any future opportunities to do another takeover.
  • Further disciplinary action may be taken by the department of Student Affairs and/or Academic Misconduct where deemed appropriate.

Snapchat takeover request form