Central Receiving and Mail Services

Central Shipping and Receiving & Mail Services at Brock University provides a wide range of distribution and environmentally friendly disposal services to students, staff and faculty.

Reduced services during COVID-19 pandemic

With the current suspension of most campus operations due to the pandemic, Mail Services is unable to provide regular mail delivery.
The office at Central Receiving is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

To inquire about any mail or packages that may have been received, contact Kevin Lawr, Supervisor, at klawr@brocku.ca

We understand the diverse needs you — our valued customer — have in the transfer of goods. It is our commitment to provide you with a seamless and safe transfer or disposal of materials while providing services of quality, convenience and options best suited to your needs.

For details on each of the services offered and how we can make your experience with Brock’s Central Receiving, Shipping and Mail Services efficient and easy, please click on the “Services offered” menu above. We look forward to serving you.

Services offered

Mail Services delivers all incoming packages and goods to the appropriate departments and units across campus. Our goal is to provide timely and efficient processing of incoming and outgoing mail and goods for the University.

Items distributed by Mail Services include:

  • Canada Post mail and packages
  • Courier and freight shipments
  • Amazon shipments
  • Internal mail and packages between departments including the Campus Store

Our services also include the timely collection of outgoing mail from departments across campus on a daily basis.

Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Outgoing mail from each department in the University will be collected on a twice-weekly basis. If you do not meet your departmental outgoing mail collection time, a drop box is located outside the mail room. The drop box will be checked prior to 3 p.m. every day for any mail that requires immediate processing.

We provide courier and freight distribution services that meet your needs and ensure the timely and professional delivery of your package or goods. Shipping methods and options available include UPS, Purolator, FedEx, Canada Post, and others. With our courier and freight services, we can get your shipment to virtually any North American destination by the next business day.

All outgoing packages shipped via our courier and freight services should be accompanied with a completed courier request form.

Maintenance Stores is a support program that works closely with the Facilities Management group. It orders and stocks various plumbing, electrical and mechanical parts and supplies for Brock’s trades staff. By supporting the FM team, Maintenance Stores plays a key role in maintaining all of the electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems on campus. Maintenance Stores provides a convenient location for the various trades staff to quickly and easily retrieve the supplies and parts needed for their jobs. This one-stop-shop helps to maintain a level of efficiency within the FM group.

Without Maintenance Stores, the tradesmen and/or their supervisors would need to order, purchase, stock and either pickup or receive delivery of the parts and supplies that they require. By taking care of these aspects of the job, Maintenance Stores allows more time for the tradesmen to do what they do — fix things. The Procurement Coordinator at Maintenance Stores also has the task of receiving deliveries to the Central Utilities Building.

Departments other than Facilities Management can also take advantage of Maintenance Stores. Items such as batteries, power cords and other items can be ordered by contacting Kyle at kmurrell@brocku.ca or Tanya at tmotola@brocku.ca for details.

Brock University, in partnership with Raw Materials Company (RMC), provides a safe and environmentally friendly battery collection and recycling program on campus. Battery disposal pails are available for departments across campus to collect spent/used batteries.

What is included in the program?

The expanded program provides dedicated pails to collect spent alkaline (single use) and rechargeable batteries for your department. Drums for transportation to RMC’s processing facility are stored in Central Receiving.

Most types of batteries are included such as AAA, AA, C, D, 9 volt, lithium, NiCad, NiMH etc. If you generate lithium batteries, please place them in a small plastic bag before putting them in the pail.

How do I order a pail for my department?

Please contact Kevin at klawr@brocku.ca to obtain a dedicated pail for your area. Contact Kevin again when your pail is full and needs to be emptied.

What happens to the batteries?

Batteries are collected in a large drum in the Central Receiving area and picked up regularly by the recycler, Raw Materials Company. Nothing from the battery goes to the landfill.

The Raw Materials Company reclaims approximately 90 per cent of the contents of the battery. The zinc/manganese and potassium contained in the alkaline batteries is converted into micronutrients for corn production. The metals are sent to steel mills for new steel production.

The remaining 10 per cent is a paper plastic fraction that cannot be recycled — it is used in a waste-to-energy process.

Did you know?

  • Dry cell batteries make up less than one per cent of municipal solid waste weight, yet they account for 52 per cent of all cadmium and 88 per cent of all mercury found in landfills.
  • Using materials from discarded batteries, rather than creating metal from ore, yields up to 90 per cent in energy savings.
  • In North America, over 100 million new lead batteries are produced from properly recycled lead-acid batteries each year.

Eighty-one per cent of consumers surveyed agreed that they would recycle their batteries if it was more convenient. Here at Brock University, we are actively trying to make your battery recycling experience as convenient as possible.

Battery and cartridge collection points

  • BUSU
  • Campus Security
  • Campus Store
  • Central Receiving
  • Computer Commons
  • CUB Stores
  • Dean of Humanities
  • Department of Accounting
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Earth Sciences
  • Department of Geography
  • Department of Labour Studies/Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Department of Political Science
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Tourism Management
  • General Brock Store
  • International Building
  • Library Help Desk
  • Machine Shop
  • Map Library
  • North Service Desk
  • O.B. Tech
  • O.I.S.
  • Rosalind Blauer Daycare
  • Science Stores
  • South Service Desk
  • Tower Welcome Desk
  • Walker Complex Welcome Desk

In addition to these drop-off locations, Mail Services collects batteries and cartridges from every department on campus and returns them to Central Receiving.  Please contact Kevin at klawr@brocku.ca to get a battery pail for your area.

There is usually a limited amount of used furniture in surplus inventory. Please contact Kevin at klawr@brocku.ca for details of current availability. If you have surplus furniture in your department, please complete the surplus asset redeployment form. For all IT needs, please contact the Helpdesk.

View Brock’s Surplus Asset Redeployment/Disposal Page here for further information and the appropriate form.

Central Receiving offers a confidential shredding service twice each month. Temporary bins can be ordered by contacting Kevin at klawr@brocku.ca. Shredding occurs on alternate Thursdays, so bins need to be ready for collection the day before the next scheduled shredding day. The cost for a bin is $8. There is often a waiting list for bins, so please plan your shredding needs accordingly. The key for your bin must be returned with your bin. There is a $20 charge for a lost key.

We make it easy for you to safely dispose of your used toner cartridges. Just package your used cartridge in a box marked “USED CARTRIDGE — PLEASE DISPOSE/RECYCLE” and place it in your outgoing mail. You also have the choice of bringing the cartridge down to the shipping/receiving area or placing it in one of the locations noted above.

Mail Services will pick up your small broken or obsolete electronics for recycling — a work request with Custodial Services will be required for larger items. A surplus form will need to be completed for all University assets that are being disposed of. Please contact the IT Helpdesk for disposal of computers with hard drives. Contact Kevin at klawr@brocku.ca for assistance.