Way Finding At The LINC

With its transformational architecture at the base of the iconic Schmon Tower, the “RFP” welcomes visitors to campus and provides space for students, faculty and the community to gather and to nurture Niagara’s growing culture of innovation.

Let us help you get to your destination

Need help connecting or finding your way at Brock?

Stop by for information and directions at the RFP Welcome Desk located in the Center of the main Atrium.

 Level 200

Open monday – Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM

Alumni returning for a visit to your Alma mater?

Check out the Golden Badger display for artifacts and memories featuring our first alumni.

Level 200

Available for viewing 24/7

Looking for new skills, experiences, opportunities and ventures?

Explore your potential, choose your own (ad)venture, in our $19-million initiative that houses some of Brock’s most unique resources – including the Library’s expanded Makerspace and new Digital Scholarship Lab, CCOVI’s first-of-its-kind VR/AR Consumer Lab, plus the services and entrepreneurial programs of The Goodman Group.

Discover Something New