Start Me Up!

Brock LINC has partnered with Haltech Regional Innovation Centre to provide their online Start Me Up! program at no cost to the Brock and Niagara community.


Haltech’s “Start Me Up!” program is a series of courses designed to help early-stage start-ups progress through the Idea, Discovery and Validation stages, and to assist later-stage start-ups review their core business frameworks.

This comprehensive learning program takes early-stage start-ups through the process of building a successful business foundation. The program includes methodology around the Value Proposition and Business Model Canvas.

The courses provide entrepreneurs with tools and processes to help turn their ideas into well positioned and growing ventures and avoid wasting time and money.

Each course builds on the previous, allowing participants to make a solid foundation first, then move forward. Lack of early attention to these basics is a major cause of start-up failures.


  • Clear on what info is needed for value proposition, business model canvas and business plan
  • With a coherent understanding of the most important aspects of their business
  • Able to present their business plan confidently


The objectives of the workshops are to:

  • Provide you with a process/tools to help turn your idea into a well-positioned, growing venture
  • Increase your odds of success
  • Help you make effective use of your limited resources (e.g., time and money)
  • Help you focus and limit “messing around”


In the Value Proposition Workshop, you will learn how to plan for the early stages of your start-up and how to create the best value proposition for your business.

  • Module 1 Introduction
  • Module 2 What is a Value Proposition!?
  • Module 3 What Makes a Great Value Proposition?
  • Module 4 How to Validate your VP
  • Module 5 Minimum Viable Product & Summary


In the Business Planning Workshop, you will learn how to build your business model canvas while using your value proposition. You will also learn the importance of revising your business plan.

  • Module 1 Review VP, Business Model Canvas Intro
  • Module 2 Ready, Aim, Fire
  • Module 3 BMC “Customer Cells”
  • Module 4 BMC “Infrastructure Cells”
  • Module 5 Summary

Start Me Up! access is available by invitation only. Please contact us at to set up a LINC Consultation to discuss your business needs.