LINC Residency

Based on the mission and objectives of Brock LINC, compatible projects seeking residency in our work space are considered upon contact. Please fill out the form below with interest in ‘Residency’. We will be in touch about future steps to creating your pathway with the Brock LINC.

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Suggested basic evaluation criteria for private sector residents include:

The business opportunity seeking residency should be collaborative in nature, technology-related and producing offerings that can be commercialized within three years. Compatible manufacturing firms that meet these criteria would also be eligible to seek residency provided their space needs are compatible with the LINC facility.

The business/opportunity is typically in the early stages of development.

Early stage usually means within the first two years of business operations, but companies involved in a significant change in direction or launching a new business product may also apply.

The applicant must show ability to pay any LINC-related service fees, if applicable, while they develop positive cash flow. Flexible approaches, including ‘pay it forward concepts’ or royalty sharing in lieu of service fees would also be considered.

  1. The applicant must have a management team that can handle the technical aspects of the business. The management team should have entrepreneurial business acumen or be willing to accept advice from LINC staff and established advisory group mentors.
  2. The applicant business must be willing to take advice from the professional network and Staff.

The applicant must want to take advantage of and be able to benefit from the value-added services and guidance of the incubator.

The applicant business must demonstrate its capacity for growth to provide economic benefits to the Niagara region including: creating new jobs and opportunities for area suppliers and vendors.

The applicant must be willing to share its knowledge, experience and expertise to other users/clients at Brock LINC