Graduation/Completion Policies

Graduation/completion policies are to be discussed with residents when service agreements are signed.  These policies address time limits, value exchange, and resource commitments. A maximum amount of time for a resident to receive resident services and space will be discussed. A fairly common standard is a maximum of three years, on a month-to-month agreement. This can be customized by type of business and extended on a month-to-month basis for an additional year if indicated.

Of note, some technology companies may require a longer time to get products approved and ready for market, and often require incubator services for longer-term residency. Regardless of the specific time limits established, it is important to underscore that in discussions during the business planning process stakeholders strongly recommended a rigorous application of this policy. They see it as critical for achieving early wins and fostering ongoing support for the LINC. Brock LINC will self-assess its ability to provide continuing value to a client. Clients who have progressed beyond the LINC’s ability to provide sufficient value should graduate/move and begin using private sector providers. Ongoing business development assessments between the LINC management and client and the month-to-month agreement structure facilitate this value assessment. Brock LINC will establish resource commitments and clarify expectations and responsibilities.