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Brock LINC facilities, programs and support are available for use by all Brock students and alumni, faculty and staff. At the intersection of two extraordinary Brock strengths — transdisciplinary research and learning — expected outcomes include skills development, applied research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Application process


The companies and organizations requesting residency will be required to complete a  screening and intake process that is customized to meet the LINC’s mission to support entrepreneurial students, researchers and the private sector and to ensure the residents selected can provide benefit from their interaction with LINC users/clients. The application process for prospective residents/clients involves two to three steps.


Students following the Venture open passport Pathway register with Brock LINC to ensure their participation receives LINC Experience credit in ExperienceBU and can access the open, collaborative Ready Space on Level 300 to launch their unique (ad)Venture. Student entrepreneurs that apply and are selected to be a member of a Kick-Start Entrepreneurship cohort program receive access, through their Brock Student Cards, to the Sett Space on Level 300 to develop their opportunity/business.


For entrepreneurs and companies requesting access/residency in the Grow Space or in the LINC Labs in the Cairns Complex, the application process should be completed within about five days. Brock LINC’s Grow Space residents/clients include student entrepreneurial businesses, researchers with spin out companies and the private sector, focused but not limited to technology-based sectors and service providers. The application and intake process varies according to which type of client is applying.

Complete Intake Application


All prospective users/clients complete a brief Intake application form. A completed application provides the incubator with a brief description of the applicant’s current business status, and a very preliminary sense of the applicant’s service and facility needs. This includes those users/clients at the ideation stage who, by registering, receive access to the Ready Space and co-curricular experiential education tracking.

Provide Opportunity/Business Description and/or Business Canvas


Prospective users/clients that complete Step 1 and are then determined to be a potential resident company and would then be required to augment their application with a business/opportunity Plan or written business description.


  1. It should provide more in- depth information about the stage of business development, stature of the management team, market potential, and overall potential for success.
  2. If submitting a Business Plan, click the button below for the Futurepreneur Business Plan Writer for writing and template support.


The Director and LINC Advisory Committee will review your document(s).

At this point, if the business description or business plan adequately addresses screening criteria pre-established by the committee, the Director could approve the applicant for acceptance and inform the committee. If the Director needs additional assistance to determine if approval is appropriate for an applicant an additional step in the form of a pitch to the Advisory Panel would be added.


Learn Who Is On The Advisory Committee

The prospective client would present their opportunity/business case to a small panel of three to four people comprised of committee members, appropriate industry experts, and the Director. The panelist’s role is to assist the Director in understanding the business case and determining if the applicant should be approved for acceptance into the LINC. Based on the panels input, the Director would make a decision regarding acceptance and inform the committee.

Post-LINC or Additional Programs for Residents

Clients accepted for Residency are able to continue their development through other  Accelerator Programs with LINC partners in Niagara Region and beyond.

Review Evaluation Criteria

Graduation & Completion Policies

Anchor and/or Service Provider Residents