Innovative Thinking Workshop

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Are you looking for ways to become more innovative in your thinking? If so, this workshop is perfect for you! We take a deep dive into three core skills for living a creative life – curiosity, openness, and inventive thinking. You’ll learn how to deliberately nurture and develop these skills so you can start thinking more innovatively. This is an interactive workshop where you’ll get plenty of opportunities to practice each skill. With a better understanding of these key concepts, you’ll be well on your way to leading with an innovative mindset.

This workshop will be led by Dr. Cyndi Burnett, the Director of Possibilities for Creativity and Education, an organization whose mission is to infuse creative thinking skills into every classroom around the world. She spent 20 years as an academic teaching deliberate creative thinking and creativity problem solving.

This workshop is part of Brock LINC’s Creativity events and programs. We aim to bring events that can help anyone develop a creative mindset. Our programs will help you explore new skills and ways of thinking or can simply be a fun or reflective break in your day.