High Performance Computing Workshops

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Visualizing data with Jupyter and Plotly on a remote compute cluster

DATE: Thursday November 3, 2022
TIME: 2:00 – 3:00PM
LOCATION: Digital Collaboratory RFP 216

The remote compute cluster of the Digital Research Alliance of Canada (DRAC) that are freely available to all Canadian academic researchers, provide substantial resources for batch processing research computations. However, when working with remote compute clusters to batch process research data there are barriers for interactively exploring the properties of data. This seminar demonstrates a process for running Jupyter nodebooks on compute nodes of DRAC compute cluster. The live demonstration includes running notebooks that build interactive Plotly visualizations which illustrate properties of compute workloads on the clusters. The process of interactively visualizing data with Jupyter and Plotly can be generalized to many interactive visualization tasks.

Previous knowledge of using remote compute clusters or Jupyter and Plotly are not needed in order to benefit from the content of this seminar.


James Desjardins

James Desjardins has an academic background in Visual Arts and Behavioural Neuroscience from Brock University. He worked as a Research analyst for the Brock Lifespan Development Research Center before becoming a High Performance Computing Analyst for SHARCNet (a regional consortia of the Digital Research Alliance of Canada).


Questions? Please email jdesjard@sharcnet.ca for more information