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The LINC resides at the intersection of Brock’s expertise in experiential education and trans disciplinary research with a diverse community that crosses all disciplines, faculties and the private sector – a space for creative collisions of bright minds where students, researchers, and regional innovators are encouraged to interact.

Powered by some of Brock’s most unique resources – including The Library’s expanded Makerspace, the new Digital Scholarship Lab, CCOVI’s first-of-its-kind VR/AR Consumer Lab, and the services and entrepreneurial programs of the Goodman Group.

Brock LINC’s in house Programs, activities and events are delivered in partnership with Brock Library, CCOVI and the Goodman School of Business; certain other support services are also provided by ORS, CDH, FGS, CPI, CCEE. – and reception, admin, property management services, etc., are provided by the Goodman Group – to more efficiently provide service and minimize costs for LINC operations.

The LINC provides our innovators not only the space and equipment with which to develop, prototype, test and validate but also the opportunity for creative synergy through multidisciplinary connections and collaborations, and the expertise of a network of advisors, mentors and peers from Brock and from across Niagara Region.

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