Brock LINC Creativity: Morning Writing Sessions with Firefly Creative

Every weekday in March
Registration has now closed

Looking for a chance to get into a writing routine in the quiet company of others? The Brock LINC is bringing Firefly Creative Writing to your mornings in March!

Firefly Creative Writing hosts daily Morning Coffee Sessions for a small fee, but the Brock LINC is making access to these sessions FREE to the Brock and Niagara community for the month of March.

Each weekday morning, a coach from Firefly Creative Writing will start the virtual session with a simple prompt or lead the group in an opening exercise and then a timer is set for 20 minutes. You can then write about anything! You can stay with the prompt or write about any topic in any style. Participants are asked to ideally have their video on but only the coaches will be audible. You are welcome to join one session or all of the sessions using the link provided to you upon registration.

 More about Firefly Creative Writing: We help people reconnect to the pleasure and power of writing through workshops, coaching and snail mail, online and in Toronto. We believe writing has the power to change minds, open hearts, and connect us deeply to ourselves, our world and each other. We believe that this is more critical now than ever. We are always holding this big picture while we take care of the little details that fill our days

This workshop is part of Brock LINC’s Creativity events and programs. We aim to bring events that can help anyone develop a creative mindset. Our programs will help you explore new skills and ways of thinking or can simply be a fun or reflective break in your day.