Brock LINC Creativity: Coffee Workshop with 416 Coffee Co.

Thursday March 24, 2022


Interested in learning more about the Third Wave coffee movement? Join us for our upcoming workshop that will be led by Christopher Battagli, Founding Partner of 416 Coffee Co.

This workshop will introduce you to the third wave coffee movement, the coffee roasting process, coffee brewing and you will have the opportunity to do a cupping experience to taste 2 coffees from 416 Coffee Co.

For the cupping experience you will need two cups, hot water and a measuring spoon.

This workshop is part of Brock LINC’s Creativity events and programs. We aim to bring events that can help anyone develop a creative mindset. Our programs will help you explore new skills and ways of thinking or can simply be a fun or reflective break in your day.


Registration has now closed.