Bookings and reservations

For managing the reservation of its multi-use rooms and related equipment on both Level 200 and Level 300 of the Rankin Family Pavilion, Brock LINC uses the “Enterprise” Room Booking platform of Brock’s Conference Services. Details of these rooms, including use and administrative access, are described below and/or can be obtained by contacting the Brock LINC Coordinator.

The New Rankin Family Pavilion Welcome Desk on Level 200 is your official gateway to welcome you to Brock University!

Connect with our  Brock Student Ambassadors there to answer your questions, find your way around campus, arrange a tour, and receive important information about academics support services and other resources. The information provided will help you to get your campus bearings and to learn about opportunities to get involved on campus, as well as the services network available in the Niagara region.

The Atrium is an open environment space that can also be used for Conferences and Meetings; its booking is managed by Conference Services in association with the Brock LINC Coordinator. As its priority, usage is an open student and community space, designed to engage users in the day to day life of Brock LINC and to give them a place for “creative collisions” to gather, learn, innovate, network, collaborate and relax.

However we recognize and appreciate its value as a marquee event location. As a result, from time to time the Atrium may be used for larger events that:

  • Enhance the Brock LINC student/community experience; and,
  • Build the Brock LINC brand, internal partners/contributors and/or external relationships.

In addition to the larger events, some daily/weekly programming will take place in the Atrium designed to engage the broader Brock student body. This programming will take place during the regular daily activities within the Atrium.

Events from non-LINC parties will be considered on a case by case basis and will not be guaranteed more than six weeks in advance. Brock LINC events will always be given priority.

How to book the RFP Level 200 Atrium

Please contact us with your name, department, the date and time (beginning and ending) you are interested in and the name and nature of the event you are requesting including approximate number of attendees.

Note that it will be virtually impossible to completely close the Atrium and that people will likely be moving in, out and through the atrium during your event. Also, the Makerspace and the Digital Scholarship Lab located next to the Atrium may remain open during your event, and students will need to access these.

These rooms are Learning, Conference and Meeting facilities managed by the Library.

These rooms have three layers of priority, as follows:

  • Library use
  • Brock LINC partners’ use
  • All other Brock employees/departments

These rooms are not available for:

  • Non-university affiliated events.
  • Bookings by students.
  • Ongoing class use.
  • Multiple regular bookings.

The rooms may be booked directly by contacting Laura Birkett ( The furniture is movable and configurable. All furniture and equipment must be returned to the default configuration at the conclusion of the event.

Level 300 — Multi-use Spaces Rooms — TBA