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Adachi, P.J.C., & Willoughby, T. (in press). Does competitiveness in violent and non-violent video games predict aggression over time? Child Development.

Dane, A. V., Marini, Z. A. Volk, A. A., & Vaillancourt, T. (in press). Physical and relational bullying and  victimization: Differential relations with adolescent dating and sexual behavior. Aggressive Behavior.

Evans, A.D., Bender, J., & Lee, K. (in press). Can parents detect 8- to 16-year-olds’ lies? Parental biases, confidence, and accuracy. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. doi:10.1016/j.jecp.2016.02.011

Icenogle, G., Steinberg, L., Olino, T. M., Shulman, E. P., Chein, J. et al. (in press, April, 2016). Puberty predicts approach but not avoidance behavior on the Iowa Gambling Task. Child Development.

Mahy, C. E. V. (2016). Young children have difficulty predicting future preferences in the presence of a conflicting physiological state. Infant and Child Development.

Neil, N., Vause, T., Jaskic, H., & Feldman, M.A. (in press). Effects of group functional behavior-based cognitive behavioral therapy for obsessive-compulsive behavior in a youth with autism spectrum disorder. Child & Family Behavior Therapy.

Oliveira, M., Jaksic, H., Lee, M. S. H., Wightman, J. K., Martin, T. L., Yu, D. C. T., Vause, T., Feldman, M., & Pear, J. J. (in press). The Effects of Student Peer Review on the Efficacy of Computer-Aided System of Instruction to Teach Discrete Trials Teaching. Journal on Developmental Disabilities.

Tannock, R., Frijters, J. C., Martinussen, R., White, E., Ickowitz, A., Benson, N. J., & Lovett, M. W. (In press). Combined modality intervention for ADHD with comorbid reading disorders: A proof of concept study

Tardif-Williams, C. Y., Bosacki, S. L. (2016 in-press). Gender and age differences in children’s perceptions of self- companion animal interactions expressed through drawings. Society and Animals: Journal of Human-Animal Studies.

Wang, C. Q., Hudson, M., Liu, X., Ward, R. & Feldman, M. A. (in press). Parent prediction of autism spectrum disorder in infants at risk: A follow-up study. Journal of Child and Family Studies.

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