Lifespan Speaker Series – Power Dynamics in Early Childhood

Early childhood is a period of rapid development – particularly regarding social-cognitive skills. One important aspect of social-cognitive development is power, which can be used to influence others and varies by social situation. 

This free webinar explored various aspects of power in early childhood, focusing on:

  • Age differences in the use of power
  • How power is expressed in different environments and relationships
  • How parents/caregivers and educators can recognize and engage in positive power dynamics within home and learning environments

Please note that this webinar does not recommend any specific resource and/or treatment options, nor is it intended to provide individual advice. Individuals should consult with their healthcare team/treatment provider for all healthcare recommendations and decisions.

We would like to acknowledge the support from Brock University’s Office of Research Services and Faculty of Education, which helped to make this event possible.

Watch a recording of the webinar here:


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