Your Liaison Librarian

Liaison Librarians communicate and collaborate with faculty members to support teaching, learning and research in specific academic units. Their areas of expertise include:

  • information competencies
  • instructional pedagogy and technology
  • collection development
  • scholarly publishing

There is a Liaison Librarian for every program here at Brock.

Teaching & Learning Support

1. Departmental Curriculum mapping/review

Librarians work with departments to develop a targeted integration of information competencies into the curriculum.

2. Teaching

  • Online Learning [e.g. via sakai, program guides or course-specific research guides]
  • Developing assignments to teach information seeking / management skills.
  • Guest lessons: The Liaison Librarian designs classes to meet the needs of specific assignments and to address broad learning expectations.

Research Support


Liaison Librarians provide in-depth, one-on-one literature searching assistance for students, staff and faculty for research outputs including literature reviews, theses and dissertations. Liaisons also assist researchers in managing, preserving and disseminating their research data.

Communication with Programs

Liaisons communicate with Faculty Library Representatives, Graduate Program Directors, Chairs/Directors and others to stay abreast of program priorities and curricula. This two-way communication ensures the Library can provide relevant services and resources.

Library Acquisitions

Liaison librarians develop Library collections, working in consultation with the departmental Library Representatives. In addition, they provide input for cyclical program reviews, new program and course proposals, accreditation reviews, curriculum mapping/planning. Faculty can direct requests for purchase directly to their Liaison Librarian.