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  • PLEASE NOTE: The photocopy request service is only available to Faculty, Off Campus Students (example: Masters of Education, Nursing) and for persons with a perceptual disability who require a work in an alternate format. Material will be copied in order of receipt, with work generally within 48 hours on weekdays. Copying is $0.10 per page. Completed requests will be mailed to you through inter-departmental mail or may be picked up at the Ask Us Desk. Copying from microformat materials is $0.10 per page. Completed requests will be mailed, with an additional charge of $1.00 per envelope for shipping. An invoice is included. The Library Copying and Printing Service will make copies only from those materials which do not circulate outside the Library, e.g. periodicals, reference books. Copies will be made in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act and all other applicable laws. For more information,email: Before submitting this form, please check the Brock Library Catalogue to ensure that the Library owns the item you wish photocopied. Information gathered is in accordance with the James A. Gibson Library's Privacy and Protection of Information Policy. I understand that I am soleLy responsible for compliance with Canada's Copyright Act, and I warrant that I have the necessary legal authorization to make copies of this work/s. Fields marked with * are required. Your request will not be submitted until these fields are completed.
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