Equipment for Loan

For convenience, research and play, browse the collection of equipment you can borrow from the Library.

Browse the full list to see what’s available right now.

Type of EquipmentLoan duration
Audio cable4 hours
Bloomberg laptop (financial software)4 hours
Calculators4 hours
Computer mice4 hours
DVD drive(portable)4 hours
Flying disc24 hours
Football24 hours
Headphones4 hours
Mac to HDMI cable4 hours
Mac to VGA cable4 hours
Mac video adaptor4 hours
Magnifying glass4 hours
Memory cards4 & 24 hours
Memory sticks4 hours
Skipping Rope24 hours
Snowball microphones3 days
Soccer ball24 hours
Sony Handycam 24 hours
USB cable4 hours
VGA cable4 hours
Video production kit (Large)24 hours
Video production kit (Small)24 hours
Whiteboard marker/dry erase kits4 hours
Wireless laser remote control4 hours

Makerspace equipment is available for loan. Browse the collection.


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