Promotions and Marketing

The following guidelines pertain to the use of promotional materials in the Matheson Learning Commons and the James A. Gibson Library and are consistent with the Campus Promotion Policy. The purpose of the guidelines is to protect our users from distracting activity, help maintain the appearance of the physical environment, and reduce paper usage by encouraging the use of digital information systems.


All promotional material to be posted or distributed in the Matheson Learning Commons/James A. Gibson Library must be approved by the Learning Commons Manager or in her absence by the Associate University Librarian, Services & Facilities.


Posting is limited to bulletin boards in the Matheson Learning Commons and is subject to the Bulletin Board/Digital Information System Posting Policy.

Handbills/Flyers/Table Tents/Free Giveaways

No personal solicitation is permitted at entrances or throughout the Matheson Learning Commons or James A. Gibson Library. Users are not to be approached or disturbed.

Approved materials will be displayed and/or made available from any service desk immediately prior to and during an event for a maximum of two weeks. Materials will then be discarded, unless arrangements have been made for pickup.

Approved print materials may also be distributed in vacant spaces under the following conditions:

  • only 1 flyer/handbill per area
  • distribution is limited to a maximum of 1 week
  • at the conclusion of the agreed upon time, materials that are not removed will be discarded
  • only 1 promotional distribution from a department/group may take place at any one time.

Materials that do not conform to these guidelines will be collected and discarded.

Marketing/Assessment Activities

Promotional materials for activities (i.e. focus groups, recruitment, surveys etc) are permitted by Learning Commons’ partners only, subject to the guidelines above. These activities may take place at service areas or in the Consultation Room ST227 with prior approval.

Participants should be recruited through appropriate signage or prior arrangement. Users are not to be directly approached or disturbed.

Donation Boxes/Charitable Campaigns

Subject to the guidelines above, the Matheson Learning Commons and James A. Gibson Library will consider requests on an exceptional basis from charitable groups associated with Brock University or the community. The Learning Commons/Library will not be held accountable for any financial or material losses.

July 2012 (revision of former Promotional Materials Distribution Guidelines)