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Application for Library Open Access Publishing Fund

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  • Description

    Open access resources are free, unrestricted, digital materials available to anyone via the Internet. Open access benefits researchers and members of the public by enhancing the reach and impact of scholarly research.

    Purpose of the Fund

    Some open access journals require authors to pay a fee – commonly known as an article processing charge or APC — to publish an article. The purpose of this grant is:
      1. To assist researchers in disseminating their research broadly via an open access journal
      2. To pay (or subsidize) an APC charged by a publisher


    Grants will be awarded to cover APCs to a maximum of $1,500 CDN each [Total fund=$32,000].
    Grants will only be awarded to articles which have been already accepted for publication. Funds will be disbursed via the cost-sharing function in Workday.

    Award Criteria

    • Applications meeting eligibility criteria will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis
    • Grant monies must be claimed in Workday by March 30, 2023 or grant is forfeited.
    • Grant recipients must acknowledge the Brock Library Open Access Publishing Fund in their published article
    • Grant recipients must archive their articles in the Brock Digital Repository ( Please forward a PDF of your article within one month of publication to
    • Grant monies may only be used for the journal and article named in the application; grant recipients who violate this criteria will be barred from future grant competitions.
    • This Fund covers only the fees associated with open access publishing. Costs for reprints, colour illustration fees, non-open access page charges, administrative charges and other fees are not applicable.

    Eligible Applicants

    • Brock University faculty members; librarians; staff; currently registered graduate students; undergraduate students (with confirmation from faculty supervisor); postdoctoral fellows
    • Researchers who received a grant in 2021-22 may only apply for a 2022-23 grant after January 2023
    • This grant is intended to support researchers with limited or no funding. Recipients of grants from funders such as the Tri-Agencies or other agencies are not eligible to apply.

    Publication criteria:

    • Peer-reviewed
    • Fully open access (OA):
      • the content of the entire journal is freely available online immediately upon publication
      • the publisher’s license should have minimal restrictions on redistribution or reuse of the article so that it can be read, downloaded, copied or distributed by anyone with an internet connection; ideally, materials will have a CC-BY licence.
      • the journal must be listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals
    Not sure whether your journal is fully open access? Check the Directory of Open Access Journals or Email Elizabeth Yates.

    Ineligible Publications

    • Hybrid journals: subscription-based publications for which authors can pay an “open choice” fee to make their individual papers freely available to any reader. These journals are problematic because:
        1. Your institution is already paying a subscription fee to this journal, which then levies another fee on you as the author; this is considered “double-dipping”.
        2. Articles in hybrid journals do not enjoy the same Open Access Citation Effect as articles in fully OA journals
    • Publications for which there are existing discounts/fee waivers
    • Journals with embargoes limiting open access to content for specific time period after publication
    • Journals which require researchers to sign over copyright to their work