Collaborations in the Makerspace

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Find inspiration from the exciting partnerships and learning opportunities in the Makerspace. Every term our aim is to collaborate with students, faculty and community members and provide unique opportunities to learn, create and explore in the Makerspace.

Makerspace News

Featured Collaborations & Partnerships


History meets Virtual Reality

Dr. Vlossak in collaboration with Experiential Education and the Makerspace showcased the Virtual Bauhaus Virtual Reality experience in Guernsey Market during the month of October, 2019.

Other partnerships

  • Centre for Digital Humanities
  • Classics – 3D Modelling for Archaeology
  • English – 3D Modelling and Printing
  • Studies in Arts and Culture – 3D Modelling + Printing
  • Faculty of Education
  • Department of Modern Language – Podcasting
  • Political Science – Podcasting
  • Applied Heath Science  – Podcasting
  • Communications & Film

ConnectED – DSBN and IHUB


Techshowcase – Centre for Pedagogical Innovation

  • Scientifically Yours – Makerspace Workshops and Tours
  • DSBN – iHub
  • Various libraries in the Niagara region

Get Involved

We welcome and value student collaborations in the Makerspace.  It is always exciting to see how they take an idea and make it a reality with the technology we offer in the space.  It is also great to see students develop new literacies in technology while building a community of makers.

Faculty collaborations are some of our most lasting interactions in the Makerspace.  Professors and instructors are excited about how to use the technology and services in the Makerspace to increase the experiential learning in the classroom.  We always welcome ideas from our educators and aim to support teaching and learning at Brock in collaboration with Experiential Education and the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation.  Check out some of the great interactions we’ve had up to this point.

It is very important that the great experiences offered in the Makerspace extend beyond the four walls of Brock University and into the community.  We welcome community members to visit the Makerspace to share their ideas and expertise while utilizing our cutting edge tools.

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