Niagara Collection

The Niagara Collection was established in 1967.  The collection covers all aspects of life on the Niagara Peninsula from the earliest geological formations to the present. Subjects covered include: settlement history, geography, environment, military history, economics, agriculture, urban renewal, literature, arts and more. The collection holds extensive materials on the War of 1812, the Welland Canal, and early travellers’ journals.

The Niagara Collection is comprised of both primary and secondary resources to strengthen the depth of the collection.  Thus, a researcher will find correspondence, diaries, maps, photos, and other archival records among the published works about Niagara.

Here is a focused catalogue search of the Archives & Special Collections.

Postcard of Niagara Falls
The Niagara Collection is a comprehensive mix of archival and published works on the history of the Niagara Peninsula.