Southern Ontario Land Resource Information System (SOLRIS)

Southern Ontario Land Resource Information System (SOLRIS) is a regional, ecologically based, land cover / land use inventory. It provides a comprehensive, landscape-level inventory of natural, rural and urban areas in Southern Ontario. The land cover / land use classification follows the standardized Ecological Land Classification for southern Ontario to describe, inventory and interpret land cover for ecoregions in southern Ontario. The inventory represents the landscape current to 2000 to 2002. Version 1.2 includes all of Southern Ontario with data classes including: exposed bedrock, shoreline, forest, agriculture (annual, mixed and perennial crop), vegetation, transportation, built-up areas and water. Detailed descriptions of each classification are included with the documentation available with the downloaded files. Ask staff for assistance in accessing the documentation files.

Southern Ontario land resource information system
Niagara Peninsula

Southern Ontario Land Resource Information System [computer file]. (2008). Peterborough, ON: Ministry of Natural Resources. Available: (Accessed current date).


The data is licensed to Brock University faculty, staff and students for teaching and research purposes only.

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