Quaternary Geology of Ontario

It is a seamless digital representation of Ontario’s surficial geology. It was digitized from the 1:1,000,000 geologic map of quaternary data and compiled from engineering terrain and surficial geology maps. The data is a re-release of preliminary files released in May 1997. The digital version (ERLIS Data Set 14) illustrates the distribution of various quaternary sediments and landform deposits, such as: glacial tills, drumlins, moraines, eskers, sand dunes, and glacial escarpments. Geology attributes include: age, unit name, lobe, and material. Dune attributes include: angle and rotation.


Ontario Geological Survey 1997. Quaternary Geology of Ontario—Seamless Coverage of the Province of Ontario, Ontario Geological Survey, ERLIS Data Set 14. Available http://www.geologyontario.mndm.gov.on.ca/mndmaccess/mndm_dir.asp?type=pub&id=EDS014-REV (accessed June 7, 2017)


Open layers are available through Geology Ontario.

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