NPCA Source Water Protection

GIS data layers related to NPCA Groundwater Vulnerability Analysis and Groundwater Recharge Areas for the Niagara Watershed including: highly vulnerable aquifers, significant ground recharge areas, catchment areas, rivers and watershed areas.

Prepared maps are included in the reports listed below under Related Information.


NPCA Source Water Protection [computer file]. (2011). Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority. Available: Brock University Map, Data & GIS Library Controlled Access \DATA\Niagara\NPCA\SourceProtection\ (Accessed Current Date).

NPCA Source Protection

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Extent [Niagara Watershed]


The data is licensed to Brock University faculty, staff and students for teaching and research purposes only and requires the user to sign a Generic license agreement.

Related Information

Groundwater Vulnerability Analysis [PDF format]
Significant Groundwater Recharge Area Delineation [PDF format]
Local \MapLibrary\DATA\Niagara\NPCA\SourceProtection\GroundwaterVulnerableAreaDelineationReports\

Water Availability Studies for Watershed Plan Areas [PDF format]
Local \MapLibrary\DATA\Niagara\NPCA\SourceProtection\T1WB_WaterAvailabilityStudyReports\

2012 Watershed Report Cards [PDF format]

NPCA Watershed Explorer: Click More…>Operational Layers>Source Protection>

Local Access

Local DATA\Niagara\NPCA\SourceProtection\


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