Niagara Topographic Map Images, 1:63,360 Series (1908-1917)

Scanned and georeference historical topographic maps of the Niagara area are available for download. These data are used to study changes in land use, urban growth, transportation networks, surface water features, shoreline changes and more.

Original Paper Series: Canada National Topographic Series, 1:63,360
Scanning Resolution: 300 dpi
Ground Resolution: 3 metres
Format: GeoTIFF
File Size: ~30-60 megabytes per image
Coordinate System: GCS_NAD83_CSRS98

Topo map of Niagara 1910s
Historic Welland Canals

[Niagara Topographic Map Images, 1:63,360 Series, 1908] [electronic resource]. (2015). St.Catharines, ON: Brock University Map, Data & GIS Library. Available: Brock University Maps, Data & GIS (Accessed current date).


The data is in the public domain. Proper acknowledgement is requested.

Source: Natural Resources Canada

Related Information

Original historical maps are available in the MDGL, Mackenzie Chown C306.

Local Access

In ArcMap: Add Data from ArcGIS online… > search “Niagara” [seamless image service]
Local \DATA\Historical_Maps\NTS\Niagara_NTS_63k\ [geoTIFF]


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