Niagara Topographic Map Images, 1:25k Series, 1970

Scanned and georeferenced historical topographic maps of the Niagara area are available to users holding a valid Brock i.d. These data are used to study changes in land use, urban growth, transportation networks, surface water features, shoreline changes and more.

Original Paper Series: Canada National Topographic Series, 1:25,000
Edition: 2/3 (1970)
Scanning Resolution: 200 dpi
Ground Resolution: 3 metres
Format: GeoTIFF
File Size: ~20 – 30 megabytes per image
Coordinate System: GCS_NAD83_CSRS98


Niagara Topographic Map Images, 1:25k Series [1973]. (2014) St. Catharines, ON: Brock University Maps, Data & GIS. Available Accessed (15/04/2017).


The data is in the public domain as indicated by the Open Government License Canada.

Please use appropriate acknowledgement and citation.

This digital resource is a reproduction of National Topographic Series published by the Government of Canada and has not been produced in affiliation with, or endorsement of the Government of Canada.

Source: Natural Resources Canada

Related Information

Original historical maps are available in the MDGL, Mackenzie Chown C306

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Local Access

Local \DATA\Historical_Maps\Georeferenced\NTS\Niagara_NTS_25k\1970\


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