LiDAR (Humber River, Toronto)

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure variable distances to the Earth. This produces 3-dimensional information about the shape of the Earth and its surface characteristics. This dataset encompasses South Humber Park and King’s Mill Park in Toronto, Ontario between Bloor St. W. and the Gardiner Expressway. It includes “bare earth” and “full feature” point clouds which depict the ground surface and built environment (man-made and natural), respectively. Accompanying the data are 50cm contours. The data is divided into 500m x 500m tiles following the UTM Grid System.

GENERAL SCENE DESCRIPTION (Please refer to imagery metadata document for specific details.)
LiDAR System: Leica ALS70
Project Number: 11357
Date: November, 2012
Format: Point Cloud
Point Density: >5 pts/m squared
Scene size: 2.1 square kilometers
Projection: UTM 17 NAD83
File Size: 2.16 GB

LiDAR data
Humber River, Toronto

Request Data [.xyz, .las, grid, shapefile, geoTIFF]

1m Grids (XYZ ASCII), Bare Earth and Full Feature
Summary Produced: April 25, 2013
Hillshade Images (Geotiffs), Bare Earth and Full Feature
50cm Contours (.Shp)
Point Cloud (LAS v1.2, ASPRS Classification, All Classes & Ground Class only)
Point Cloud (XYZI ASCII)


LiDAR Airborne Imaging. Project #11357, Leica ALS70 (Humber River, Toronto). [computer file]. (2012). Calgary, AB: Airborne Imaging. Available: Brock University Map, Data & GIS Library Controlled Local Access \DATA\Remote_Sensing\LiDAR_Humber_River\ (Accessed current date).


The data is licensed to Brock University faculty, staff and students for teaching and research purposes only and requires the user to sign a Generic license agreement.

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Local: \DATA\Remote_Sensing\LiDAR_Humber_River\11357_TorontoSample_BrockUniversity_z17_LIDAR_SUMMARY.pdf

Local Access

Local \DATA\Remote_Sensing\LiDAR_Humber_River\


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