Landsat-7 Satellite Imagery

Remote sensing image for LANDSAT 7, ETM+ SLC-on; All Bands, used to study land use, land cover, agriculture, urban growth, transportation networks, deforestation, water pollution, and other earth surface features.

Satellite: Landsat-7, ETM+
Scene Image ID: LE70170302000162EDC00
Track/Frame: 17/30
Date: June 10, 2000
Cloud: 15%
Bands & Resolution:1-5,7 (30m), 6 (60m), P (panchromatic, 15m)
Image processing: Ortho-rectification & atmospheric correction


United States Geological Survey, Department of the Interior. LANDSAT-7, ETM+ SLC-on. Scene ID: LE70170302000162EDC00. (June 10, 2000). Reston, VA. Available: USGS Explorer (Date Accessed).

Landsat-7 satellite imagery

USGS Explorer > Landsat Archive > L7 ETM+ SLC-on (1999-2003) > Landsat Scene Identifier LE70170302000162EDC00

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The data is in the public domain.

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Landsat-7 Readme
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