Niagara Orthoimagery 2002

High resolution aerial imagery for the Niagara Region. These data are used in land use planning, land survey research, population and diversity studies, and utilities evaluations, to name a few.

Coordinate system: UTM – NAD’83, Zone 17
Aerial photography scale: 1:20,000
Aerial photography date: spring 2002
Ground pixel resolution: 20cm
Format: MrSID
Approximate file size: 12.4GB


2002 Orthoimagery of the Niagara Region [computer file]. (2002). Thorold, ON: Regional Municipality of Niagara Public Works Department. Available: Brock University Map, Data & GIS Library Controlled Local Access \DATA\Aerial Photography\Niagara_2002\StCatharines.sid (date accessed).

orthoimagery 2002
Brock University Campus

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The data is licensed to Brock University faculty, staff and students for teaching and research purposes only and requires the user to sign a Generic license agreement. Any printouts must contain the following statement:

“Provided by Brock University Map, Data & GIS Library, current year. Copyright, 2002 – The Regional Municipality of Niagara, Area Municipalities and their suppliers have donated this aerial photography for use under license by Brock University.”

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