1934 Air Photo Mosaics of Niagara

Historical air photos of the Niagara Peninsula were scanned, mosaicked and georeferenced for use with GIS software. These data are used to study changes in land use, urban growth, transportation networks, surface water features, shoreline changes and property assessment, to name a few.

Source of original air photos: Canada Department of Energy, Mines & Resources, 1934
Original scale: 1:16,000
Scanning Resolution: 600 dpi
Ground Pixel Resolution: 60cm
Format: GeoTIFF, ArcGIS image service
Projection: UTM NAD83 Zone 17N


[1934 Air Photo Mosaics of Niagara] [computer file]. (2011). St.Catharines, ON: Brock University Map, Data & GIS Library, Available: Brock University Maps, Data & GIS ftp://ftp.library.brocku.ca/Niagara_1934/ (Date Accessed).


The data is in the public domain. Appropriate attribution is requested.

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Original Scans (.tif)
Local \DATA\Aerial Photography\Niagara_1934\1934_originals\

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Contact Prints – Brock University Map, Data & GIS Library, Mackenzie Chown Complex, C306

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Local Access

Local \DATA\Aerial Photography\Niagara_1934\


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