ArcGIS at Brock

ArcGIS is a complete Geographic Information System (GIS) offering a variety of levels of functionality to the new user and the advanced GIS analyst. Using ArcGIS, data with a spatial reference can be visualized, processed and queried to better understand patterns and relationships in a geographic context. For more details and where to go from here, visit “What is GIS?

All current members of the Brock University community may use ArcGIS for non-profit purposes.

Request a copy of ArcGIS

Email using your Brock email account to request authorization code. You can also visit the MDGL in Mackenzie Chown Complex, C306 to request a code.

Please include the following:

  • Name
  • Your department
  • Your Brock student ID number


  • Installing and authorizing may take a few hours.
  • ArcGIS is a windows-based product.
  • We give out ONE authorization code per student only
  • Installation will time out 365 days following the installation date.

Submit request via the webform IT Request or email

Frequently asked questions

All campus computer labs, the Map, Data & GIS Library, and Learning Commons, including Classroom A.

Yes. Under the terms of the agreement, it can only be used for academic purposes and for non-profit use.

No. Alumni must be affiliated with the university in a teaching or research role.

Yes. All of Brock University is covered by the site license, including satellite campus locations.

The minimum requirements for computers provided by IT Services are sufficient to run ArcGIS Desktop.

ArcGIS Desktop requires the Windows OS, but some options are available for Mac users.

No. Only the recent version will be available.

Teaching, research, and university administration use.

No for-profit or commercial use is permitted under the terms of the license.

Check out the recommended training resources and help contacts, or contact

Recommended Training Resources

Getting Started with GIS (version 10.x) (1 module, 4 hours)

Intro to ArcGIS (ArcMap) (ArcGIS Pro) – self-guided tutorials with data

ESRI Academy: Members of the Brock community are eligible to enroll in an on-line course, free-of-charge. A number of options are available for all levels of user. Follow these steps to begin:

  1. Register for an ESRI Account (first-time users).
  2. Email to request access to e-Learning Resources. You will receive an email confirming your access.
  3. Use the search tools or browse to find the training that meets your needs.

Brock University Maps, Data & GIS: Hands-on workshops and step-by-step tutorials are offered by the Maps, Data & GIS unit staff that introduce users to the fundamentals of ArcGIS.

GIS @ Brock : Examples of past projects

Help Contacts

For basic GIS help, in-course instruction and curriculum, contact:
Map, Data & GIS Library, Room MC C306, 905.688.5550 x.5890

For advanced GIS analysis, processing and research help, contact:
Kevin Turner, Dept. of Geography, MC C330, 905.688.5550 x.5399

For software installations issues, contact:
IT Help Desk located in the Campus Bookstore, ph. 905.688.5550 x.4357 or report the problem via webform IT Request or email:

ArcGIS Site License Product List

Brock’s license provides access to the following ArcGIS products:

ArcGIS for Desktop

ArcGIS Pro

3D Analyst

Spatial Analyst

Geostatistical Analyst

Network Analyst



Tracking Analyst

Workflow Manager

Data Reviewer

Business Analyst Online (BAO)

Community Analyst Online (CAO)

Viewer for Flex

Viewer for Silverlight

3D Analyst

Geostatistical Analyst

Spatial Analyst

Network Analyst


Data Reviewer

Workflow Manager for Server

Image Extension


Contact us in-person at the Map, Data, and GIS Library (Mackenzie Chown C306), via telephone at 905-688-5550 x5890, or via email at