Collections Management Overview

Brock University Libraries build and manage a collection that supports:

  • Brock University’s curriculum
  • general library use
  • research interests of faculty and students
  • cross-disciplinary usefulness


Librarians strive to build collections of excellent resources to  balance the needs of the university community with the finite and fluctuating nature of our fiscal resources. Faculty, staff and students may suggest purchases but final responsibility for the selection of library resources lies with Liaison Librarians.


The Library’s collection is a growing and evolving organism that responds to the changing environment at the university. Collection management involves continual assessment, review and fine tuning to ensure we offer the best possible selection of materials to our community.

As subscription resources come up for renewal, they are evaluated against a set of criteria to ensure the continued relevance of our collections to the programs offered at Brock. In any given year the library may add new subscriptions, cancel existing subscriptions or make changes to existing subscriptions (e.g. moving the resource to a new platform). A list is maintained of subscription changes.


Brock’s library acquisitions budget has remained mostly flat for the last 5 years. During this time the cost of our subscriptions has been increasing by an average of 4% per year. To help explain how our budget works we have created an FAQ.

The bulk of library purchasing has transitioned from print to electronic resources. In the last five years electronic resources have increased from 70% of our budget to almost 80%.

Most of this purchasing is through provincial or national library consortia – nearly 70% in the past year. By banding together in consortia, libraries are able to achieve significant cost savings.

Budget by Consortium

  • CRKN
  • OCUL
  • No Consortium

CRKN = Canadian Research Knowledge Network
OCUL = Ontario Council of University Libraries

Brock subscribes to a number of ‘Big Deals’ – journal bundles offered by publishers at a significant price discount to what a library would pay for the individual journal titles. These deals have become increasingly difficult to maintain as they have consumed an ever larger portion of our budget. Last year five of the largest deals consumed 30% of the total acquisitions budget.

Budget Breakdown

  • Remainder of Budget
  • Elsevier
  • Taylor & Francis
  • Springer
  • Wiley
  • Sage


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