Bulletin Board/Digital Information System Posting

  • Two bulletin boards, two LC Digital Information Screens and two Touchscreens are available for posting informational notices about services, programs and events by the Learning Commons partners.
  • On a limited basis, information from other Brock University departments that promote academic or research oriented events on campus (e.g. symposia, colloquia, special lectures) or that promote community engagement may be posted.
  • Requests from groups external to the University may be considered, only in exceptional circumstances, and on a case-by-case basis.
  • Persons (excluding the Learning Commons partners) who wish to post information to the bulletin board should submit one copy to the Learning Commons Manager. If it meets the above criteria, it will be posted. Informational material publicizing a date-specific event will be removed after the event has taken place. Otherwise, material will be removed after 2 weeks, or as space is required.