Improvements coming to interlibrary loan services

The RACER software that has supported interlibrary loan activity for over 20 years, has reached end-of-life and is being discontinued. Over the past several months, Brock University Library and our Ontario partner universities have been transitioning interlibrary loan activity to the Omni platform which has become the predominant tool for interlibrary loan activity here at Brock. This summer we will be completing the transition to using the Omni interface exclusively. All Ontario universities are required to make this shift.  

Effective July 1st, Brock RACER accounts will no longer be functional, and the system will not accept requests.   

  • Any in-progress requests will still be completed. 
  • If you have information in your teaching materials directing students to RACER, please remove/replace with information directing them to Omni instead. 

The good news is that Omni, our academic search tool, is equipped to support all of your interlibrary loan needs!  

Rest assured that no services are being lost with this change. Access to materials at other libraries remains the same. 

More improvements! 

  • there will no longer be a need to create and maintain a separate RACER password: Your Brock account credentials provide access to Omni and all related services.   
  • When searching in Omni, you can select ‘Get it from another library’ to request an item that Brock does not own (see screen shot below).  
  • Or skip the searching and use the Omni blank request form available on the library website to submit a request! We’ll do the searching for you!     

An Omni catalogue record for a book showing with an arrow pointing to "Get it from another library."

We are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible and have notified active RACER users and faculties directly of the change.  

Please feel free to send any questions to:

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