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Oh yes, it’s happening.

After keeping both students and staff alike in suspense, we’ve finally come to bring the good news. We are moving!

More importantly, we’re moving somewhere BIGGER.

Yes, the Brock Makerspace is relocating from its humble little home in the James A. Gibson library out into the newly built Rankin Family Pavilion.

With this added space, we’ll be able to load in new equipment and software previously unavailable to showcase. Things like resin printing, laser cutting, and several copies of technologies already displayed in the old space give students ample opportunity to explore and engage in their creative exploits.  We provide dedicated spaces for each of our varying technologies (audio, video, 3D printing, VR, etc.) so students who wish to pursue a specific type of tech can have a focused environment that gives them the tools they need to create and succeed!

This new space also provides us with a dedicated workshop lab that is all our own to utilize. And being directly located in the space gives all students and staff immediate access to experiment. Along with the abundance of rooms, our central workstation is now much larger, with plenty of desk space for patrons to tinker and create.

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The move started on December 2nd and aims to be re-opened for patrons in the new year. During this transitional period we will be putting our workshops and equipment loan services on pause, so be sure to get any equipment you might have borrowed back in the space before December 19th!

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We were excited to collaborate with Faculty of Education for EDUC 5Q96 as a new experiential and project-based learning opportunity being offered to all of our International Masters of Education students.

Students Komal and Athy worked closely with Makerspace Coordinator, Tabitha Lewis who provided a variety of technologies to chose from and supervised their progress.  They decided to learn about and familiarize themselves with the Makey Makey electronic kit and Scratch to develop a project based on the Makey Makey Piano app. Using an inquiry-based learning approach, they created several prototypes using paper, graphite pencil and copper tape while learning the basics of block coding. Makerspace Student Assistant, Zachary Mason stepped in during their final stage to help bring that project to life.

The students began their journey with no prior experience with this technology or Makerspaces to being confident in sharing that knowledge with their peers. This was showcased in a workshop format by preparing a small brochure and PowerPoint slides of the skills they learned.

They were very pleased with the end project and are looking to iterate further upon their project in the new year!

Along with Makerspace staff, this project was arranged by Assistant Professor Michael Mindzak, Ph.D., of Administration and Leadership in Education, and Andrea Tran, Experiential Education Coordinator from the Faculty of Education Co-operative.

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Important Announcements

Equipment for Loan – All students, faculty and staff have the ability to borrow technology from our loanable equipment catalogue for up to 3 days. If you are an instructor or faculty member in need of equipment for a course or research, fill out our Support Form to get started. We’ll then follow up with you and schedule a time for you to connect with our knowledgeable Makerspace staff.

Pay for Print – The Makerspace is open and available for everyone to use, including community members! Our new pay for print model allows all users more freedom to print 3D models from online platforms in your desired resolution. More Details

If you are an instructor who will be incorporating 3D printing as a required element of your course please reach out to us by filling out our Support Form to schedule a consultation.

Upcoming Events & Workshops


There will be no official workshops for the Makerspace for the month of December however look out for our themed events in the new year.  The theme for the month of January will be Audio Recording, where we will take you through a progression of topics surrounding the capturing, editing, and refining of your audio.

Event Titles

  • Makerspace Tour: Audio Lab
  • Audio: Basics of Recording for Podcasting
  • Audio: Basics of Editing with Garageband & Soundtrap
  • 3D Modelling Sound Waves

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