Safe disclosure

Brock University is committed to conducting its activities and managing its resources with integrity and in accordance with all applicable laws and University policies.

To support Brock’s commitment to integrity, accountability and transparency, any faculty, staff, student, volunteer, contractor or supplier who has reasonable grounds to believe that improper activity has occurred is encouraged to disclose their concerns to the University.

Disclosures should be made in accordance with the University’s Safe Disclosure Policy and Procedures. The University will use reasonable efforts to investigate and respond to any disclosures of improper activity.

To support the University’s Safe Disclosure Policy, Brock has retained an independent third party, Grant Thornton, to provide a confidential anonymous reporting service. You may use this service to disclose any suspected improper activity occurring at the University, including:

  • A serious or severe breach of University Policy
  • A violation of a legal or regulatory requirement
  • Serious financial misconduct, such as theft, misappropriation of University assets, forgery, authorizing or receiving payments for goods or services not received.

You are encouraged to disclose your concerns directly to the unit responsible for the area of concern. You may also disclose concerns directly to Internal Audit Services at However, if you are uncomfortable disclosing this way for any reason, you may use the Grant Thornton service. All disclosures made through the Grant Thornton system are received by members of the University’s Safe Disclosure Review team, which is comprised of Brock’s Legal Counsel and Internal Auditors. Disclosures received are reviewed and assessed for reasonability and then, as appropriate, routed through the most appropriate policy mechanism or investigated by Internal Audit.