Brock University is currently in the process of creating a Records Management program. Records Management means taking care of the records we create and use here at Brock either to do our jobs, or to comply with legislative or regulatory requirements.

All employees at Brock have a role to play in managing the University’s records because we create, receive, handle, store, and use them on a daily (or weekly, or yearly) basis. Records Management plays an important role in classifying information so that we can find it and access it when we need it; keep vital and sensitive information secure; retain records in a reasonable fashion (i.e. keep records as long as necessary); as well as help to protect the privacy of Brock’s employees and students. The goal of the Records Management program here at Brock is to create the policies, procedures, and guidelines that will help us to do this efficiently and in compliance with all legislation and regulations.

There will be more information posted here as the Records Management program is developed. However, if you have any questions or comments, please contact the Records Coordinator at Brock University.

For members of the Brock Community with access to SharePoint @Brock, there is more information on the Records Management intranet site.