Investigation principles

Brock University is committed to upholding the principles of an effective and procedurally fair investigation. All investigations conducted or managed by the University’s legal services unit follow an investigative process that is:


Investigations are conducted by an impartial individual who approaches the investigation with an open mind and does not have any conflicts of interest. The University utilizes a “Guidelines on the Appointment of an Internal Investigator” checklist to ensure the appointment of an investigator is free from bias or conflict of interest.


Investigations are conducted in a confidential manner with safeguards in place to limit the disclosure of information to only those who have a strict need to know for the purpose of the investigation. While investigations are confidential, information disclosed within the course of an investigation, including the identity of complainants and witnesses, may need to be disclosed to respondents to enable them to respond to the allegations.

Trauma Informed

Investigations are approached with a trauma-informed lens with a focus on avoiding re-traumatization. We understand that trauma can have a significant impact on a party’s ability to recall information and present evidence. We also recognize that investigators have their own inherent biases which must be frequently checked during the course of an investigation to ensure we are making fair and trauma-informed assessments.


It is important that both parties feel like their voices were heard at the conclusion of an investigation. Each party should feel like there was a fair evaluation of their evidence. The University accomplishes this by conducting thorough interviews and allowing participants an opportunity to share any information they feel is relevant to the matter, and by writing comprehensive investigation reports that provide an overview of the evidence of both parties and any relevant witnesses, in addition to any relevant documentation provided.


The University understands and appreciates the mental and physical strain the investigative process can have on the parties. The RWLEP and SAHP both provide set timelines for the full investigative process; however, the University will always strive to complete investigations as quickly as possible, while taking into account different factors that can cause delays.