Making a Request for Information

Steps to make an informal or formal request for access to a university record or personal information:

Step 1

Begin the process with an informal request by contacting the department or office you believe may hold the record(s) you seek. Discuss your request with a staff member to determine if the record(s) exist that respond to your request and if the record(s) can be disclosed to you routinely through regular procedures. Access to information is subject to limited and specific exemptions, some of which are mandatory while others are discretionary.

Step 2

If the department does not provide access to the record(s), you may submit a formal request in writing with the required $5 fee, either delivering it by hand or mailing it to the Manager, Privacy & Records Management. Make your check or money order payable to Brock University. See contact information.

Step 3

When making a formal written request, include your name, address and day-time telephone number, and identify the specific record(s) or personal information to which you seek access. Also, specify dates or a time period for the record(s)/personal information you request. A clearly defined request will greatly assist the University to identify the record(s)/personal information sought. For your convenience, see request form.

Step 4

If you are unsure how to describe the record(s)/personal information, contact the Manager, Privacy & Records Management for help in formulating your request.

Step 5

When your request is received, the University will send you an acknowledgement letter and may contact you to clarify the access request.

Step 6

The University will make every reasonable effort to respond to a request within 30 days. However, there are circumstances within FIPPA and PHIPA where the University is permitted to extend the time limit beyond the 30 days.

Step 7

The Manager, Privacy & Records Management will, within the applicable time limit, notify you in writing regarding whether or not your request will be granted.  If you disagree with the University’s decision, you may appeal the decision to the Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario (IPC). You must pay an application fee to the IPC when you make your appeal.

If questions, contact: Manager, Privacy & Records Management