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About Learning Objects At Brock:

Instructors at Brock are exploring new ways to teach concepts that have proven difficult in conventional classroom environments. Through a partnership between CTLET and ITS, Brock has been working with interested faculty to produce learning objects to enhance teaching with internet based technology. Learning objects are computer based teaching tools that help students understand a specific concept and are intended to be both modular and self contained.

At Brock this means that learning objects are developed by our team of students employed as Learning Technology Developers (LTDs). The objects are created within a web-based program called Flash. LTDs work with the faculty member as the content specialist to create an interactive teaching tool. Learning objects can be used within WebCT, in smart classrooms, or almost any other electronic environment thanks to the flexibility of Flash.

As demonstrated at Brock’s recent Learning with Technology conference, an exciting collection of learning objects have been created with instructors from a wide variety of disciplines at Brock. Objects that have been completed include “The Monty Hall Dilemma,” based on the classic game show Let’s Make a Deal. Prof. David DiBattista from the Department of Psychology uses this object to teach the complexities of statistical concepts. Prof. John Middleton from the Centre for the Environment worked with Giulia Forsyth of the LTD team to create an object that can predict global climate changes based upon input students can manipulate. One ongoing project that will be useful to all instructors at Brock is the development of a suite of learning objects designed to teach instructors and students about plagiarism. Prof. Jon Radue from COSC has been helping to create an object that demonstrates how to properly paraphrase a paragraph in order to employ proper source recognition.

All faculty who wish to develop digital resources to assist with a particular educational bottleneck are invited to contact CTLET. If you have any questions about learning objects at Brock in general please contact us.

Access Restrictions:

These Learning Objects are being developed by ITS (Information Technology Services) in conjunction with CTLET (Centre for Teaching, Learning and Educational Technologies). All objects represent works near completion. As they are currently under development, they are authorized for use by Brock University personnel only, with permission.

Completed learning objects are peer reviewed and can  be accessed through CLOE (Co-Operative Learning Object Exchange ). Please contact CTLET if you would like to apply for full access to CLOE or if you would like more information on Brock University's learning object development.


If you have an object that is ready to be submitted to CLOE please click here to add a description of the learning process to your learning object


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