Non-Credit Courses

A-Z Learning Services also has a number of specialized programs that are the result of collaboration with other departments and faculties. Click on the left submenu to navigate through the different non-credit courses offered through A-Z Learning Services such as BOOST Program, STEP Program or CHEM 5N01 program.

BOOST (BOST 0N00) Program

While the news of being placed on Academic Suspension can be disheartening, don’t let it defeat you. Just because the path to your degree is bumpy doesn’t mean you won’t arrive at your destination. Brock wants to support you on your journey, which is why we encourage you to register for the BOOST (BOST 0N00) Program.

BOOST is a one-time alternative to academic suspension. Students who were previously on academic probation and who are facing a full year of academic suspension can instead opt into participating in the BOOST program (a non-credit pass/fail course) while carrying a reduced course load (3 credits—no more than 1.5 per term). BOOST offers academic support along with peer mentorship and is specifically designed to enhance student development and success. The program goals are for students to:

  • reflect on past academic experiences and build new strategies to help achieve goals
  • examine motivation, strengths, and learning styles
  • set and achieve realistic goals
  • enhance time management, writing, presentation, note-taking, study, critical thinking, and problem solving skills
  • identify and address individual development areas through consultations, referrals, and supplementary workshops

Course Structure

Duration: Fall term
Contact time: 2 x 1.5 hours/week in class plus additional hours as needed for consultations
Style: Seminar
Course materials: All provided through Sakai

Course Fee


Course Policies

Attendance and participation are mandatory.
Satisfactory completion of course assignments is mandatory.

Continued Enrollment at Brock

In order to avoid suspension, you must pass BOOST and achieve a minimum 60% average for the academic year.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to identify, in writing and verbally, a minimum of 3 personal strengths and align them to a job posting, as evidenced through a written cover letter and group presentation.
  • Students will be able to choose learning and study strategies that align with an assignment’s purpose and their individual goals (personal, academic, and/or career), as evidenced through written reflections in their BOOST portfolio.
  • Students will be able to articulate, in writing, how they have developed in one transferable skill and one self- management skill area, as evidenced through a written reflection based on artifacts in their BOOST portfolio.

Areas of Skill Development

  • growth mindset
  • goal-setting and motivation
  • transferable job market skills
  • time management
  • health and wellness
  • notetaking
  • critical reading, writing, and thinking
  • academic integrity
  • seminar and research strategies
  • exam preparation
  • presenting
  • collaboration

How to Enrol in BOOST

  1. Login at
  2. In the Student Self Serve menu under “Additional Information,” click on “BoostAPP”
  3. Read the conditions of participation
  4. Complete the application

Once you receive an email approving your participation in the program:

  1. Register for BOOST just like you’d register for any other course at Brock
  2. Once you’re registered in BOOST you’ll be able to register for your other classes (No more than 1.5 credits per term.)

Questions or concerns?  Contact us at or call 905-688-5550 (x5774)

STEP (STEP 0N00) Program

STEP is a non-credit course that provides first-year Brock students with opportunities to enhance their first-year journey through strategies to meet each challenge with confidence.

STEP embraces a mentorship model where first-year Brock students learn from upper-year Brock students in a small-group setting. Each STEP class gives students an opportunity to explore high-impact strategies and to apply these strategies to their academic course work.


Eligibility for participation is determined by the Registrar and is communicated to students when they receive their offer of conditional acceptance.


Students who are given the opportunity to participate in the program are required to:

  • Register for STEP through the Applicant & Student Self Serve tab on
  • Maintain a reduced course load (Maximum 1.5 credits per term)
  • Pass all courses for the entire academic year
  • Achieve a minimum 60 per cent average for the entire academic year
  • Meet STEP course requirements including meeting with your Instructor to identify personal goals and challenges, attending and participating in all sessions, and completing all assignments on time

Course Structure

  • The program runs from September until the end of January (Duration 2 and part of Duration 3)
  • One 90-minute class per week
  • Small seminar-style class (approximately 20 students per class)

Course Fee


Learning Outcomes

STEP’s student-centered activities and assignments provide first-year students with an opportunity to master and demonstrate the following learning outcomes:

  • Self-awareness and an ability to identify how factors such as self-regulation, personal motivation, strengths, or learning style relate to their personal goals, challenges, and successes
  • Self-directed learning skills such as taking initiative, assessing learning needs, formulating goals, implementing learning strategies, and evaluating the effectiveness of chosen strategies on their learning
  • Self-advocacy, engagement, or coping skills by connecting with university services, engaging in a university event, or analyzing a personally challenging situation
  • Academic writing skills, demonstrating appropriate formatting, use of research, and documentation style

Each assignment offers students a variety of ways to demonstrate their learning and skill development.

Skill Development Areas

  • Note-taking
  • Academic writing
  • Reading strategies
  • Seminar participation
  • Time management
  • Navigating university policies and resources
  • Goal setting
  • Critical thinking
  • Giving presentations

Any questions or concerns, please contact us at or call us at 905-688-5550 (x5774).

CHEM 5N01 is a free non-credit course open to all math and science graduate students who would like to improve their academic writing skills.

The program consists of 5 sessions (2 hours each) and one or more meetings with the CHEM 5N01 instructor to discuss and polish one piece of your own academic writing, which will then be submitted to your supervisor for evaluation.

The program runs in the winter term, so if you’d like to participate, please contact us by January 1st at or call us at 905-688-5550 (x5774)