Events & Partnerships

A-Z Learning Services hosts student-centred events throughout the year, such as Night Against Procrastination and Trailblazers’ week. Additionally, we work with multiple partners across the university and within the community to meet students where they are and to support them in whatever way we can.


Night Against Procrastination

Night Against Procrastination is a fun exciting event focused on encouraging students to get started on big term assignments early.  We provide workspace, professional writing staff, tutors, relaxation sessions (e.g. “Make your own stress ball), mini workshops (e.g. “Quick Guide to APA Citation”), soup, hot chocolate, popcorn, and sweet swag!  Come join more than 200 students as we all gather together to get ‘er done.

Trailblazers’ Week

Each spring A-Z Learning Services dedicates one week to celebrating First Generation students (Trailblazers!) at Brock University.  Over 25% of our student population is first in their family to attend post-secondary, and we believe that, as Trailblazers, they are not only changing the course of their own lives but also the lives of generations to follow.  In honor of these students, during Trailblazers’ Week you’ll find displays around the university and an information booth where Brock Trailblazers are congratulated on their accomplishments and second, third and fourth generation students are asked to share the story of the first in their family to attend.  And of course, there’s more sweet swag and cool prizes!


  • Aboriginal Student Services Consultation and Tutoring Services
  • Campus Job Fair
  • Cope, Care, Connect
  • DSBN Academy Grade 9 Day and Grade 10 Day
  • Fall Preview Day
  • LEAP
  • O-Week
  • Scientifically Yours
  • SmartStart
  • SmartTransfer
  • Spring Open House
  • Strategies Conference
  • Vitae