Programs for families

Programs for K-12 learners

Our one-on-one tutoring programs are offered during terms in the school year and have an educational specialist (Program Coordinator, Supervisor, Director) present at all times. Sessions are one hour in duration and learners generally attend one to four sessions each week. Session times are variable (generally in the daytime or evenings).

Programming terms are from late September to early December AND late January to early April AND May to early June. Sessions take place synchronously online OR in-person at the Brock Research & Innovation Centre (130 Lockhart Drive, St. Catharines). All client information is kept confidential. Contact for more information or register for the upcoming program term using the button below.

Registration for Spring 2023 tutoring programs is closed. Subscribe to our email updates below if you would like to receive notifications that registration has opened for future sessions or news about our programs. 

Literacy Support Program

In the Literacy Support Program, each learner works one-on-one with a literacy tutor, who is typically a senior undergraduate or graduate student specializing in education. Tutors are current or past students of a course in reading and literacy development where they learn about the reading process and effective reading assessment and targeted instruction. Programming is based on formal diagnostic assessments. Tutors use a variety of research-based teaching approaches to help their clients improve their reading and writing skills.


The Math Support Program includes personalized, one-on-one numeracy instruction for children and adolescents. Numeracy learners work with a tutor who is a senior undergraduate or graduate student with expertise in math education. Programming is based on curriculum-based assessments. Tutors emphasize the conceptual understandings of numeracy and problem-based applications of these skills.


Tutoring program fees are available below. Family tutoring discounts are based on the discounts below. Contact the for more information. Please note that fee and session options are subject to change. Additional information will be provided during registration each term.

Fall term and Winter term tutoring package optionsNumber of tutoring session per termFees for the term
Single Weekly Sessions (1 session/week)9 sessions (total)$180
Double Weekly Sessions (2 sessions/week)18 sessions (total)$300
Triple Weekly Sessions (3 sessions/week)27 sessions (total)$435
Quadruple Weekly Sessions (4 sessions/week)36 sessions (total)$575
Spring term (condensed) tutoring package optionNumber of tutoring session per termFees for the term
Single Weekly Sessions (1 session/week) for 5 weeks5 sessions (total)$100
Double Weekly Sessions (2 sessions/week) for 5 weeks10 sessions (total)$200