Opportunities for Brock students

Brock University is proud to be able to offer students many different volunteer and internship programs each year! Check out the programs offered to YOU as a Brock student!

Australian Catholic University Internship

This internship opportunity is available to Brock students who are planning to go on a traditional exchange to Australian Catholic University. Students will be enrolled in 2-3 university classes as well as complete an internship in Brisbane, Australia.

For more information, visit the Australian Catholic University website.

Teaching Assistant Program

Discover French culture, improve your French skills, and gain valuable teaching experience through the Teaching Assistant Internship in France. Candidates must be between the ages of 20 and 35 and have completed at least two years of university studies.

For more information, view the program pamphlet.

Teaching Internship

Participate with one of Brock’s Spanish exchange partners, Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio and be a teaching assistant in Spain! Students must be graduated or in their final year of studies, in the following degrees:

  • English or Spanish studies
  • Teacher Education

Learn more about this opportunity.

Language Assistant


ISEP Academic training

ISEP Academic Training is only available for students who are planning to complete a Brock Exchange to one of the ISEP-USA consortium schools. Academic training allows ISEP participants to gain valuable work experience at a U.S.-based company.

Learn more about ISEP Academic Training.

The Washington Center

This internship program is intended to jump-start your transition from the classroom to the workplace. You are able to gain valuable work experience tailored to your interests and goals, while also taking one in class course.

View the Washington Center flyer for more information.

University of Florida and Disney Internship

This unique program offers students a six-month study abroad experience in the traditional classroom and in a formal work setting!  Students will take classes and earn 2.5 credits from the University of Florida while participating in academic training and gaining valuable experience at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Learn about tourism, hospitality, destination and event management in a fun and exciting environment from top-notch professors and one of the most successful tourism attractions in the world!

Learn more about the University of Florida and Disney Internship.

International Experience Canada (IEC)

A youth mobility program that provides Canadian and foreign participants , between 18-35, opportunities to develop a mutual understanding of other cultures through travel, life and work experiences abroad and in Canada. This cultural experience also enhances their personal and professional development, giving them a competitive edge in the job market. Today, Canada has Youth Mobility Agreements (YMAs) with 32 countries.

Three categories:

  1. Working Holiday
    Open work permit that allows youth to work for any employer, anywhere in the host country.
  2. International Co-op (students only – internships)
    Employer-specific work permit that allows students to gain targeted work experience related to program of study.
  3. Young Professionals (career development)
    Employer-specific work permit that allows youth to gain targeted experience related to profession or program of study.

The Student Work Abroad Program (SWAP)

The program is identical to the Working Holiday Program but is open mainly to full- or part-time students. It is managed by Travel CUTS/Voyages Campus, a company associated with the Canadian Federation of Students.

Learn more about the Student Work Abroad Program.

Teaching English Overseas

The most popular type of overseas employment for Canadian graduates is teaching. There are two types of opportunities available: teaching in a public or private school and teaching English-as-a-Second Language, often in a private English language school.

If you have a BEd and teaching experience, you could teach in an International school. These schools can be found worldwide and are designed to teach a common curriculum to children of expatriates (business executives, diplomats, aid workers). You can find more information from the European Council of International Schools and the International Schools Services.

How to become certified to teach English as a Second Language?

Brock University has an excellent post-graduate certificate in TESL and a MA in TESL. The most common TESL qualification programs are from the UK and the US. The Cambridge/RSA Certificate (CELTA) & Trinity Certificate in TESOL are the most highly recognized worldwide. There are many programs and providers to choose from, so do diligent research to find the one that is best for you. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the program and certificate recognized abroad?
  2. What are the qualifications of the instructors?
  3. What is the class size?
  4. Is there an opportunity for practice teaching?

Here are some websites to help you get started:

There are also many recruitment agencies for teachers. Some are better than other, so you should do your homework. Here are a few of the more popular ones: