University of Florida/Walt Disney World Resort Internship

Learn about tourism, hospitality, destination and event management in a fun and exciting environment from top-notch professors and work at of the most successful tourism attractions in the world.

This unique program offers students a six-month study abroad experience in the traditional classroom and in a formal work setting. Students will take classes and earn 2.5 credits from the University of Florida while participating in academic training and gaining valuable experience at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Students are required to take 4 courses, which will transfer back to Brock as 2.5 credits.

For more information about the course descriptions, please visit the University of Florida website below:

Applicants are reminded that this opportunity will involve a variety of frontline settings that may or may not be related to your studies. Possible employment opportunities include the following: concierge, character performer, lifeguard, resort hospitality, front desk operations, costuming, operations, merchandise, food and beverage.

For more information about the internships roles, please visit the University of Florida website below:

While you are in Orlando, FL, you will live in Disney Program housing. There are 4 different apartment complexes with a variety of rooming options and amenities.

For more information, please visit the below website:

Program Fee (2020): $3,998.04 USD

To learn more about the programs fees, please visit the below University of Florida website:

Please note that prospective participants must first submit an application to Brock International Services.

Program Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be a Brock undergraduate student currently enrolled in classes
  • Must have completed a minimum of 10.0 Brock credits prior to the anticipated start date of the program
  • Must have a minimum 75 per cent overall average
  • Preference given to TMGT majors

Additional Application Requirements

  • Submit completed application by deadline (December 1, 2019)
  • Statement of Purpose (1 page, double-spaced, statement of your personal, academic and professional reasons for wanting to participate in the Brock Internship program. Please include relevant work experience, relevant volunteer experience, reasons why you’re interested in the program, and why you would be a good fit with internship program)
  • Copy of your Brock University Program Plan (from your Academic Advisor) (optional)
  • $75 Program Fee (paid at time of Brock interview)

Please note: Students who are successful in their application to join the Brock University International Internship Program will be nominated to the University of Florida (UF) by Brock International Services. There is a second in-person interview that will be hosted by the UF/Disney representatives, which typically takes place at the beginning of March. The interview may take place on another Ontario campus, and all applicants are required to attend.

Are you ready to apply?

Applications for the 2020 program (Spring 2020/Fall 2020) are now closed.

If you have any questions, please contact and/or Dr. David Fennell.

COVID related FAQs:

The Disney Internship program continues to be suspended (As of November 2021).  It is hoped that the program may reopen and begin accepting applications early in 2022.  When Disney notifies the University of Florida and Brock University, we will update this information. Once applications open, you can apply here.

Since COVID-related delays are now >18 months since the last application period, anyone who previously applied to and were accepted to the Disney Internship program will need to reapply when the program restarts.  Those that were previously accepted will be given priority, but they must continue to meet all other program eligibility requirements. Please inform Brock International if you intend to reapply.

No.  IfGlobal Affairs travel advisoriesremain in place or are re-instated,Brock is prohibiting all student, faculty and staff travel outside Canadaas per the travel advisories issued by Global Affairs Canada. The University also continues to update and clarify its travel cancellation policies.  When travel is allowed, Brock will continue to adhere to the travel advisories as issued by Global Affairs Canada.


The University of Florida’s Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute and Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management in conjunction with Walt Disney World Resort offer a six-month academic exchange experience program for international students enrolled in tourism, hospitality, marketing, business or other related fields at UF’s current international partner universities in Canada: Brock University, University of Waterloo, Mount Royal University, Niagara College and St. Lawrence College.

This unique program offers students a six-month study abroad experience, including online Tourism  courses through the University of Florida and in a formal work setting. Students will take classes and earn 12 credits from the University of Florida while participating in academic training and gaining valuable experience at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The 12 credits you earn from the University of Florida count as transfer credits towards your Brock degree and are equivalent to 2.5 Brock credits.

Learn more about the program below: 

Students are required to take 4 courses, which will transfer back to Brock University as 2.5 credits.  How the transfer credits will fit into your program (e.g., as electives, major credit, minor credit) will depend on your major program requirements. Please consult an advisor in your major department for more specific information.

Students accepted to this program will be required to take the following four courses*: 

HFT 4743 (3 credits) Tourism and Hospitality Marketing 

HFT 4755 (3 credits) Theme Park & Attractions Management 

HFT 3806 (3 credits) Intro to Food & Beverage Management 

LEI 4940 (3 credits) Internship 

All courses will be taught by University of Florida professors online, the fourth course being the internship at Walt Disney World® Resort. 

*Courses are subject to change each academic year. 

Courses run from July to September and October to December.  During each academic period, 2 courses are completed, including the Internship.  

The Disney Internship program is approximately $4000 USD (*estimated).  This includes  

tuition and fees for 12 credit hours at the University of Florida, housing accommodations, all meals, transportation, tours, cultural and sports excursions while at the University of Florida, admission to one UF Sporting Event (TBD), Gator One student ID card, orientation and graduation reception, supervision and support by University of Florida program faculty and staff for the duration of the Academic Exchange Experience, and limited access to University of Florida’s instructional, technological, and student resources. Payments will be submitted in two installments. Half is due at the start of the program (summer) with the remainder due at the beginning of the final semester (Fall).  Additional costs include textbooks for courses, visas, and immunizations (*other costs may also be applicable).   

Find the most up-to-date program costs here

While in Florida for the Disney Internship program, you will be enrolled as a student at the University of Florida.  You are not enrolled at Brock University during your time away. This can affect your eligibility for OSAP and health insurance.  You should consult OSAP guidelines for more information.  With regards to health insurance, you may be required to purchase out-of-country health insurance if you are not covered by another insurance plan.    

Find more information about OSAP here.

You are expected to arrive at the University of Florida for the start of the program in July. You will spend 7-10 days at the University of Florida before heading to Disney. An additional trip to the University of Florida may be planned for attending events on a weekend, such as a football game. 

While at the University of Florida, you will receive an introduction to the Florida tourism industry, life in Florida and the University of Florida.  Local trips are planned by the University of Florida program organizers, including outdoor activities, and attending a University of Florida sporting event. 

Yes, but the housing costs during the 7-10 days at the University of Florida are incorporated into the Disney Internship Program fees. 

Find the most up-to-date program costs here

While at Disney, you live at the Disney property, Flamingo Crossings Village. Opened in summer 2021, the Flamingo Crossings Village provides program participants with spacious apartments (2 or 4 bedroom apartments; no more than four people in one apartment) and numerous amenities that will offer a comfortable, safe and relaxing living environment right next door to the Walt Disney World® Resort.  Housing costs while at Disney are not included, but the expenses related to housing are withdrawn directly from your salary by Disney. In previous years, a separate $150 USD fee was paid for the first week of housing at Disney.  *This fee is subject to change.

You are responsible for arranging and paying for your own expenses related to travel to and from Florida. Transportation between the University of Florida and Disney is included in your fees paid to the University of Florida.  While at Disney, transportation between the Flamingo Crossings Village and Disney Parks is included.

You will need to discuss this with your academic advisor and the Co-op Office since the requirements are different between programs. This is permitted for Brock Tourism majors in consultation with their academic advisors. For other majors, please consult with Brock International and Co-op for assistance.

Learn more and apply here.