Short-Term Study Abroad Program – Application Requirements

Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure you submit your application properly.

Short-Term Study Abroad Program Requirements

  • Must be a Brock undergraduate student in good academic standing
  • Must meet the host program requirements (if no host requirements, must have a minimum 65% overall average)

All students who meet the application requirements will be interviewed by the international mobility committee.

Having an international mobility experience allows you to have a unique experience that is directly translated to employability skills. Discovering a different culture, traveling, socializing, and learning a foreign language will foster your maturity, confidence, and self-reliance.

Academic reference

Your application will not be processed until an academic reference is received.

The reference must be from a Brock Professor. References cannot be received from teaching assistants, coaches, employers or academic advisors. Your professor may send the reference directly to us, or give it to you in a sealed envelope. References in sealed envelopes may be dropped off to Brock International Services in IC210.

Please provide the Academic Reference Guide to your Professor.

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